Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I just got into a loud fight with my father because he expects me to be able to read his mind. When I want something from him or Mother, I ask them. I expect them to do the same if they want something of me. When they asked me to do something for them, I got free as quickly as I could and went to do it for them. The things they didn't ask for, I didn't do - gee, I wonder why.

If you want something from me, ask. I can't read your mind. I try my best, but I react to the situation as best as I know it to be. What else can I do?

[He apologized and said that he should have been able to control himself. I told him it was cool - he's stressed. If you know me at all, you know that fights with me don't last long at all; I'm a very forgiving possible.]

Remember, movie night on the 25th. Still not sure what we're going to watch, but be sure to come! :)

Oh, and my parents will be gone starting the 20th for about 3 weeks, so if anyone wants to spend some time here and keep me from being lonely, that'd be awful nice. *cute pout*


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