Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Not the best weekend.

So, in addition to my nail problems of Friday and Saturday and my car trouble of Saturday, I lost control and ran off the road on my way down to Charlottesville (hadn't gotten very far). Finally got towed after waiting almost 3 hours, and now I'm home. Going to eat then head down to Patient First to make sure I'm okay (I feel mostly fine, if you were wondering; if anything, I might have strained a muscle or something, but that's it). Will call tomorrow and figure out how long it's going to be before I have my car back - it got a bit banged up. :/

As I'm missing today's training, I'll need to go to a make-up training.. from the way John was talking about it, that'll be next weekend. If it is, I'll have to cancel movie night for next weekend, because I'll have to get up quite early and drive down (or get down there some other way) and also be able to concentrate during training. I was looking forward to this movie night as a chance to relax and stuff, and I don't want to cancel it.

Upside? I have the day free to do homework. Silver lining to every cloud.

Just want to make sure you all realize that I now have been in an accident, in case that affects your decision to get in the car with me.
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