Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Your AP credit for STAT 210 does not in itself free you, as a CMSC major,
from the obligation of taking STAT 212. However, if you eventually take an
upper-level STAT course (300 level or higher) as an elective, the CMSC
department considers the STAT 212 requirement to have been met. In this
way, given your AP credit, by taking a single course you complete both the
STAT 212 requirement and fulfill an elective. As always, however, it is a
good idea to speak with your advisor concerning course selection. You
should probably take a copy of this email with you when you do.

-- Dr. P.

So, by taking Introduction to Probability Theory (MATH 309/STAT 309), which I was going to take anyway, I get credit for STAT 212 and don't have to waste that time. :D YES!!
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