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Thinking about it and talking to Mom, I don't remember a lot of stuff. I remember saying telling Mom that I didn't bleed on her car (Alex did, but he was in Midlothian), I remember making Mom let me walk in my own, I remember lying down in the bed, and I remember everything since then.. but I don't remember waking up, going to the car, making that journal entry down there (apparently, I had fixed some mistakes while I was typing, but I still have those 4, which I'm leaving to point out how disoriented I was)..

A few other things I don't remember but did:
Asked every minute when I could take the bandage thingie off my arm from where they inserted the IV (which wasn't bad at all)
After that, asked every minute what time it was (while looking at my cell phone)
Gave (accurate) directions to my mom on the way home

All the way to the car, in the car, and on the way home from the car, I was telling her that I should have worn my glasses. (She just said that, so I put it down a line.)


Man, that was interesting to see me make a post I don't remember.

I'm going to keep track of what I don't remember in my LJ; this is interesting. I don't like it, but it's very interesting. (I think I have a little bit more insight to your world now, love. Probably not even close, but still, it makes me feel better to think that, so let me.)

And Jeff didn't visit at 3 like he said. ;_j

BTB, since, other than the salt, it doesn't hurt at all, I should be fine for anything and everything, once the bleeding stops. I'll be fine for driving and everything else (though not today). Oh, and I'm definitely not taking the narcotics, since there's no way I need them. (Unless I'm still under effect of the stuff they gave me there and it'll actually start hurting like a bitch before the day's out. But, even if it does, I likely won't take them - I'd just rather not.)

K, I'm gonna go have some pudding and go back to bed. XD
[I wanna try playing DDR.]

edit: For the record, it took about 40 minutes between me going in and my mom being called in (at which point I was already awake). And I can feel the soreness in my bottom jaw a bit if I poke at it, but not the top jaw, and I can see the holes in my cheeks on the bottom jaw if I pull it (which is weird :P), but not the top jaw. Huh.

Oh, and my sense of balance is a little bit off, but I can function just fine; I just have to put a little bit more effort into moving around on my feet than I normally would have to. Other than that, it's all good.

moredit: Apparently, I was trying very hard to stay awake and act normal, and I was thanking people all the time. :P Had Mom take a picture of my puffy cheeks for everyone to see, so here it is:

The nurse also said that I could eat ice cream, so I told Mom to buy me mint ice cream and Hershey's chocolate syrup. :P I don't really remember her telling me what I could eat, but I remember telling Mom to buy me that stuff, now that she mentions it. :P
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