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VCU stuff.

Didn't need to take the chem placement test cuz I'm not going to be taking chem, and I didn't need to take the math placement test because I'm through calc II. So all I need to take is the foreign language placement test at 11:30 so that I can get into Span201.

If you take more than 18 credits, you have to pay extra, so I'm not going to take the Math300 (Intro to Mathematical Reasoning) course. I can't take either of the Management courses either, because you need junior standing for them. So I'm taking the paradoxes course (1.5 cred; all others are 3) and Biology101 (to fulfill my biology requirement for my degree).

So my MWF is the same as before; my TR is as follows:

09:30-10:45 - BIOL101
11:00-12:15 - PHIL391 (Paradoxes)

I killed my right index nail. *pout* Not completely, but it still sucks.

Need to get my ID card and deal with parking, take the language placement test, and I'm going to go on the tour of the campus at noon before going home. I'll be home at a very decent time; very happy with how VCU is working out so far (minus the extra charge for taking more credits :/). Some of the people aren't quite as friendly, but most of the people I've worked with today are very nice and accomodating. I'm pretty happy. :)

edit: I'm happy with my ID picture. :P That's cool.

Waiting for profs to come for the placement test, then gonna go deal with parking pass and go home (after stopping by 7-11 for lunch). [I got a map when asking for directions to the library, so that should be very helpful. :)]

editagain: Woohoo, I got into Span201. :D I got a 352 on the placement test, and 356 is the beginning of Span201, so I was almost completely through Span102 and they were good with putting me into Span201 (which is what I need for my degree).

And I got a parking pass in a remote parking garage that's right next to the engineering school. :D $108, but Mom said she's paying, so that's cool. :P

*eating* After I finish eating, need to go finish my char for Slater's tonight and whip up a brief description.
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