Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Professor's email

I need some feedback from you.

You are obviously a very intelligent student with a strong ability in math.
My perception was that you had probably seen a lot of the 111 material
before and did not feel the need to work very hard to get a decent grade --
Test grades at 84% and quiz grades at 89. You have the ability to have been
at least ten points higher in each and probably tops in the entire course if
you had wanted. You had your own priorities and perhaps did not have the
time to devote to this but the fact that you often read books in class
suggests otherwise. I was disappointed that you did not strive for more but
that was your call and I respect your decision.

As for the final, the course policy was that students should expect a zero
for unexcused absences from tests. Others I have asked suggest that that is
what should be awarded in your case -- especially considering the fact that
you were the only one out of 260 students in the course that missed the
final entirely. I talked about the stucture of the final and the schedule
on the last day of class that you missed. On the otherhand, I sent an email
to everyone that I believe included the schedule.

You had an 85% average based on tests and quizzes. With a lot of work, you
could have raised that a bit. With minimal work you probably could have
closed with at a grade in the low 80s. With a zero on the final, you end
with about a 51% average.

I need to hear your side of the story so that I can decide what to do
[name edited out]

My response

I respect that. If that is the course policy, then I won't ask you to make an exception for me - it was my own fault I missed the final, and I accept the consequences.

The schedule was indeed in the email that you sent out; I'm still unclear as to how the days switched in my head.

I just want to thank you very much for your tutelage over the semester and for your understanding. I'm sorry I didn't put forth the effort that I might have - it was a rough semester for me and I took every opportunity I had to escape. I managed passable grades, which was all that mattered to me at the end.

I'd just like to thank you again for the privelege of studying under you. I wish you the best of success in the future and a great winter break.

Thank you very much,

Kevin Akselrod

P.S. Happy holidays.

I'll just retake it next semester. It's no big deal. I might take both this and dif. eq.s so that I don't fall behind; we'll see.
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