Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

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I don't know chem.

I'm fairly sure that's the quiz that's going to be dropped, as I guess on about half the questions. (There's no way I got above a 65, and that's what I'd need for this quiz not to be the one that gets dropped.)

There's no point in going to my classes for the next two days. I'd go home if I had already done my CS homework. Damn me.

I might do so anyway, if I do my ENGR lab before my parents come tonight.

I offended my mom by asking, as everytime they come to visit me, I look for an excuse to go home.
She's worried that I'm going to drop out (as always). It's my choice if I will come home or not. I don't know yet.

"To slack, or not to slack, that is the question," right, Pat?
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