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We now have a fondue set; they made some chocolate fondue to dip fruits into, but I didn't have any. I went to Blockbuster to pick up Two Weeks Notice and Maid in Manhattan, but Two Weeks Notice doesn't come out until the 29th. I gave the guy Maid in Manhattan, then he asked me if that was all I was getting; I was about to say yes, but then decided to call and check if they wanted something else. I stepped to the side and the next people came up to check out. He rang up the next people and was going to hit 'total' when the computers (all of them) froze. We stood around for a while, some people left (including, eventually, the people that he had already rung up.. which sucks, cuz shortly after.. well, you'll see), and then they decided to do it manually - and free. So I got to take home Maid in Manhattan for free, because I had been standing there, right up front. :) That was a nice experience though - got to escape for a bit and have good, funny conversation ("EXTRA! EXTRA! Blockbuster Sucks!" This from a Blockbuster empolyee. :D)

[Oh, and we're seeing Angel Sanctuary next weekend. ::determined look::]

But, as I was driving back, got down again. ::shrug:: Then I was lying around in the hall, thinking/daydreaming, tearing a bit here and there.. ay.. anyway, finally got on the comp to type up my Blockbuster experience, but it's no longer something I'm excited about. Oh well. Gonna go play cards or something now. Yeah.. Heh.
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