Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Woohoo! I might pass!

I might pass chem lab! Whoo!

I got back a 28/30 and a 30/30 for lab 4 (due to my partner, not myself, but I don't care), a 16/20 on the prelab for lab 4, and I might do well on lab 9 (thanks be to the one that helped me understand what I'm doing.. or think I do :P). :D So I might pass!! WOOHOO!!

I gotta do the writeup for the lab I just did and turn it in today. I'm gonna snack, go to the ENGR thing, come back and work on the writeup, go to chem lab again, then finish the writeup, check it, and hand it in. :D Then maybe actually eat.

edit: Fkn coal. And that was so retarded, too - the second group got out at the same time as the first! Cuz they came in and just copied the answers down and left. Grahr.

edit: Fuck.

I got a 28/50 on lab 9. One of the guys in front of me got a 76/50, and the other got like a 64/50 (they both identified all 9 correctly, thus making them eligible for extra credit). *sigh* I got like.. 4 or 5 right. Dammit!

Now I get to do the lab writeup for lab 3 and hope I do really well on it, as I need that desperately to pass. I don't think it'll happen.

final edit: I AM DONE WITH CHEM LAB! Please, lord, let me pass so that I'll truly be done with chem lab!
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