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I hate chem lab.

Just looked at the prelab for 9. I don't know how the hell to do this stuff; I don't know chemistry. *sighs*

I'll just fucking retake it at VCU.

edit: I want EQII. Or something I can lose myself in. I did the prelab. Kinda. I obviously didn't do it right, because there's no way I could get answers with as little information as I got from doing it. And it went too quickly; it's supposed to take a long time. But I don't know how to do it; I don't know how to do chemistry. I don't want to know how to do chemistry, either. So what the heck?

I'm going to have to retake it in VCU. Not sure if I'll get credit there either, though, which is a problem. I need it to get a degree.

Maybe next time I'll cheat my ass off and see if I can get credit for it that way. What's the point in maintaining integrity if it means falling victim to a requirement that shouldn't exist? This means nothing; this is nothing. All it is is an obstacle on my way to a degree, not an opportunity at knowledge.

*sighs* But what are the chances? I'll probably just fail again. Or maybe I'll be lucky and VCU's chem lab is easier than UVA's. Is it, Derek? Please tell me it's easy, that there's nothing to it.
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