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[17:02] SmarterChild: Here's your Aquarius horoscope for Tuesday, November 30th, provided by

Forget about getting your list of to-dos completely done -- especially if it's work-oriented. You'll be stopped, stalled and delayed. Just don't get mad. It won't help, and it might hurt.

[17:02] SmarterChild: Here's the Gemini horoscope for Tuesday, November 30th, provided by

Money matters will seem to be more trouble than they're worth -- and you just might be right. For the next three weeks, you'll need to be on your toes. Don't make commitments if things don't seem just right.

This wasn't the one that I meant to do (wanting to do the second one above), but..

[17:02] SmarterChild: Here's the Aquarius horoscope for May 22nd, provided by

Thoughts and feelings come from different places. Your brain and your heart both like what's happening now. Move into this situation with your whole being, trusting and confident every step of the way.
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