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The Incredibles.

Sunday, 2:25.

I think I'm gonna go down to B&N and work on a character for Jeff's game. Pat - wanna learn how to game tomorrow? (Not that you're likely to see this before then, but I'll ask you tomorrow anyway. And then hopefully teach you and we can make a character for you and you'll be set to play in Jeff's game with me. :D)

Jeff - can we have mercenaries that already work together?

edit: Oh, yeah, Pat - let's play UNO. :D Let's... stop by Sparks' house Saturday night after Beauty & the Beast and play. :P

moredit: Nevermind, I don't think B&N is open. Guess I'll go watch Alex play EQII or go to sleep or something. I have nothing to do.

I hate slow computers. So very, very much. Ha, I used to read books while waiting for pages to load back when I'd never been on a fast computer with a fast connection.
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