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I am REALLY, REALLY horny right now. Grrr. >.< (But hey, I get to use a new mood icon!)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the cumming of the Lord...

Anyway, yesterday was pretty cool. Slater's picnic was fun, minus the silly string (>.>), and then Slater and I went to South Park Mall to meet Mike. He didn't look how I had envisioned (nor how Slater had); the vision I had in mind was actually basically the pictures of Broomy that I'd seen - tall, skinny, lightish brown mushroom hair.. his voice especially emphasized that.. but that's not him at all! Lol. ^^;

We came home and took Leah to my restaurant (Slater paying more than anyone, because I'm poor ;.;), then took Slater home and came back. I was tired as all hell, so I basically just went to bed. Relatives are in now (and my big cousin snores ^^-). Gonna go see Holes today.. should be fun. And the phone just rang for Mom from work - woke Leah up. >.> ::runs:: ;)

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