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Ha ha ha.

Well, the problem with my CS homework was very simple - I did a straight comparison instead of using .equals - so I only lost 5 points, giving me a 95 on the homework. That's hot. :D Haha. I was expecting a lot less. XD That makes me happy. I still have almost 100 in the class then. :P

What's the nth root of n! ? :/ It's not n, is it? (Cuz if it is, then I'm happy. XD)

And we have one last homework to do - and it's making a dictionary, so that's pretty cool. :D It's due on the last day of classes, 9 AM. :) I have almost 3 weeks to do it.. but I'll probably do it the last week of classes. I have other stuff to do before that. :/

Coming home tomorrow. :) Need to remember to drop off the group evaluation sheet tomorrow morning. And I need to talk to Pat tonight sometime. After I write my crappy paper. :P

edit: Well, my paper's done. It's a whole 3 pages long, complete with almost an entire page of pictures. I think about six sentences are cited. Maybe a few more. This should be interesting.
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