Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Since these are all the rage, : [moved from 7:19 PM 11/15]

Things to do tonight:

Finish copying Calc notes
Check what Dwight sent me about the project
Finish CS hw and debug it
Make spreadsheet and send it to ENGR group members
Do ENGR lab (?)
Order tix for Nutcracker
Get hotel
Talk to Pat
Order AP scores to be sent to VCU
Read a bit (?)
Fill out survey (?)

I think that's it.

The blue's pretty much gone from my hair, leaving me blond with dark underneath.

edit: Moved this up so that I can go back and edit it more easily. Got through almost nothing yesterday. :P

edit: You know, I'm tired of trying to get this stupid program to work. [work = give the right numbers, not actually run] I'm just submitting it as it is; I have a high enough grade in the class that it doesn't really matter if I screw up one assignment. So there.
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