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"Today was a fun day. Thank you."

Highlights of the weekend (Sat/Sun):

  • The rush at the concession stand once I came back for the evening.
  • Build-a-Bear.
  • Contrast.
  • A thank you.
  • Pocky and very good fish and dumplings.
  • An interesting movie experience.
  • Nametags.
  • "I'm so straight-edge, I'm ruler!"

    I'm gonna go to Blockbuster now and return the movies I rented. Need to complain about The Order.. again. -sigh- Dammit.

    Need to hit Raleigh up for money at some point. Just realized it, but I don't count the money she owes me as my money - so I'll have more money than I think, given that she pays me back. ^^ How's that phone working out for you, Raleigh?

    It was a very good weekend. Definitely one of the better ones - very high impact. Brendan - how far into Underworld did you get before you fell asleep? (Not that you read this.)

    Kinda thirsty from all this Pocky. x_x *goes to get a drink and actually go to Blockbuster as opposed to continuing to ramble*

    edit: There were smudges on the bottom of the DVD; that's why it didn't work properly. :/ Oh well; third time's the charm. Got a credit again at Blockbuster.

    Going to go tomorrow morning to get UVA to send VCU my transcripts, which is the last thing I need to do for my application. Then I'll need to send them my AP scores once I've gotten my acceptance and have sent back that I'm going to attend.

    Pat - we'll have to wait on the New York trip. $75/person. I can't do that at the moment. x_x But it'll be better when it's a bit warmer anyway; we don't want to walk around in the cold.
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