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Well, I'm pretty sure I did pretty well on the test. I know I missed both questions I guessed on (both of the wavelength questions) because I listened to people talking - and the upsetting thing is that on one of them, I guessed right and then changed it. :/

If I got everything I got right right, I got a 90.. but I'm sure I screwed something up; it is me, after all. But.. if everyone did well, it doesn't end up mattering; even a 90 could be bottom of the barrel. *sigh* So I have to wait and see the percentiles.

I finished off a nail. :/ It was messed up anyway, and I was waiting, hoping it would grow back together, but it didn't, so I just finished it off. :/ *awaits Pat's disappointed look*

edit: Oh, but it's cool, cuz I now make more noise when I drum my fingers. :D Though, it can get kinda annoying. But still! W00t!

edit2: Prof: "Um.. Um.. Can I ignore that question?"
Me: "No."
Class: *laughter*
Me: *grins and waits*

edit: I got an 85, which puts me 65.2 percentile. :/ A 90 would have been 78.9 percentile. I wonder what I missed other than those two..

..but not enough to actually check right now. ^_~ Mm, my eyes are kinda tired.
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