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I got myself an internship.

Well, I had my interview with the Vice President in charge of Virginia, and I now have a very cool internship. I don't have anything to worry about involving this until training in February, except that we have a bowling party to get to know the other interns on December 4 (Saturday).. so I'll probably come back Friday, drive myself out here Saturday morning, then drive myself back Saturday night. Or whenever I need to do that so that I'll be here for the party.

I think it's a good thing the blue didn't work so well - it looks good as it is (natural hair color + blond + turquoise).

Trip to Cancun is sometime in October, spanning Friday through Monday.. I have no problem with missing school, and hopefully Pat+parents won't mind her missing school either. After all, free trip to Cancun (assuming I make it to 60k, which shouldn't be that big of a challenge, theoretically.. I mean, as long as I'm doing the internship anyway).

So yeah.

And the painters tend to work 4 10-hour days.. so that leaves a good chunk of free time in the summer. Of course, I'll have to take a good chunk of that good chunk to cold call and do estimates, but... I think this could work. Plus, I could work out a time every day that will be free - not a long time, but enough for lunch, perhaps? :) And I can do computer stuff at any time, any hour of the night, so that's not a big deal if I want to take some time in the evening and then finish work when I get home.

So yeah. *breathes* That was nerve-wracking. And I'm very nervous about this, for a number of reasons. But not much I can do now but wait and hope.
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