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^Results of my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. I thought I'd be upset with what I got, because I knew it wouldn't match the result I got on the mini-test in 10th grade, but I'm pleased with this. I think it represents me well. What do you think?

  • Theory Based
  • Skeptical
  • "My Way"
  • High Need for Competency
  • Sees World as Chessboard

  • Insightful, conceptual, and creative
  • Rational, detached, and objectively critical
  • Likely to have a clear vision of future possibilities
  • Apt to enjoy complex challenges
  • Likely to value knowledge and competence; apply high standards to themselves and others
  • Independent; trust their own judgements and perceptions more than those of others
  • Usually seen by others as private, reserved, and hard to know

    The clarities for the results were:
  • Moderately clearly Introverted
  • Moderately clearly Intuitive
  • Slightly clearly Thinker
  • Moderately clearly Judger

    I obviously have tendencies that run the other way (for example, I can be quite a feeler), but I think that, overall, this represents me quite well.

    In other news, bagels are good.
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