Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

"Your persistence will pay off soon." "Golden hour are coming to you."

^Fortune cookies from a bit ago. :) Make me smile.

It's fairly cold out, especially when the wind's blowing. It's supposed to be freezing tomorrow, I hear. I'm wearing my Neko outfit around right now. :) Getting looks, but disappointingly few - most people just keep walking and don't even glance. :(

Work needs to get done. :/ Dammit. (And why hasn't CS posted HW yet?! >_</a> [I wonder if this is real. But anyway, it's a fun site - check it out.]

The Mechanical Engineering dept. is selling shirts that say "Just Do M.E." - inside the Nike swoop on top, it says "Mechanical Engineering," but you actually have to look to be able to read it. It's pretty cool. Certainly catches the attention. Funny, cuz it fit the bash quote I was thinking of when while I was walking.

...Shut up. XD

morean'moredit: I remembered what I was going to say. I don't have to take my CS final as long as I have a Bish grade or above by the end of the semester [but can still opt to]. I think I got this covered. XP

hehehedit: I just got to stand up in STS and show off my outfit and get a round of applause. :D

okaydit: So 90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C, etc. for STS. So my 90 on the presentation is an A-.

ROFL: My teacher just stopped in class and asked, "So you just decided to wear that today?" LOL.

okay, okay: "Choices become who you are." We spent most of class talking about choice and watching The Matrix. Have three questions to answer ("Why do I make the choices I make?" "What do I believe in?" "How conciously do I choose?"), spending 10 minutes on each, and bring to class on Wednesday.

We had to write for a bit on a choice that we've made and why we made it. I wrote about a few decisions over the past few months, all relating to a larger decision I made.
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