Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Well, I just came back from an almost hour-and-a-half long interview for the College Works Painting internship; Ethan is willing to move me up to the next interview, where Jed decides whether or not he wants to invest in me. I have to give Ethan a call back on Monday at exactly 8 PM.

I need to talk to parents and Pat and make sure I want to do this. This is an AMAZING opportunity, both for experience and for the possibility of making my brother's salary or more in half a year, but it also requires a gigantic time commitment. Really don't want to pass this up.. but also really don't want to pass some other stuff up. So I wanna make sure I can get the best of both worlds.

edit: Oh, and this internship is rated one of the most selective in America by the Princeton Internship Review, so this is all based on if I get it. :P But I think I've got a fairly good shot; I'm thinking further ahead than most other interns that do this, and I've got good ideas that - tempered with the experience provided by a good DM (District Manager, but I know, it's awesome) - should have me running a very successful branch. In RICHMOND! :D:D:D West End, even. Makes me happy. Though I'd have about 9 hours of free time a night for a good long while. :/ But 9 hours is a good chunk for sleep and notsleep. ^^
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