Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


I have a distinct sadistic streak; it's minor sadism, but strong nonetheless. I enjoy playing with people for my amusement.

In other news, we went to Toys 'R' Us today, where Leah got bunny ears for free because she also bought two cool blue-striped monkeys (if you spend more than $10 on Animal Alley stuff, they give you free bunny ears), which she gave to me (thank you, Leah! =) and will be in evidence on Monday, if I don't forget. After meeting at Toys 'R' Us (we were there for over an hour, but people came slowly :P), we went to the mall, where we were till about 5 or so. We spent a lot of time in the game store, as well as the store next door (where I found very, very expensive handcuffs.. o.o! yipe!), and we spent about an hour and a half on pizza (half of which was waiting for it to be 4 so that we could get the good deal :P). We dropped Shima off, went to pick up tickets for Holes on Friday, and then came home. I've changed, and we'll be going out to the Melting Pot soon. No beach tomorrow, but oh well. I wish more people were here to go to Melting Pot (as well as just hang out), but.. ::shrug:: Not much I can do about that. Tomorrow, Erin will be available, and Monkey, if he's not sick anymore (he has a fever over 100 ;.;). I miss Tenshi and haven't been able to really get any of the songs she listed for me, though I did get the Lifehouse one (and couldn't really listen to it well.. I'll try again later, hopefully). And I found the song that I played for everyone that Slater and Tenshi want, but to download it, I need to provide a credit card, so I'll keep looking. I also found it on LimeWire, but the person didn't stay on long enough for me to download it. I'll try that again later too.

Hope everyone's enjoying their Spring Break. I'll have a lot (lot lot lot lot lot) of work to do after, due Tuesday, so sorry if I won't be on (basically like I haven't been on for all of Spring Break).. though I might be to talk to Tenshi. ^_^

Welp, I've got some stuff to do, and we're going soon, so.. pe@ce.

Oh, and yes, I am wearing black, and yes, Leah probably will be taking pictures, and.. I'm wearing the necklace that Maggie made me again. I should talk to her sometime. She's a good friend. Though, I'm not talking to anyone, so.. yeah. :P It'll have to wait.
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