Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

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I see I'm not perfect but that's all I see

Went home last night. Wasn't there for long, but am very glad I went.

In other news, being in my own house makes me think of The Grudge, but I'm fine in my dorm.

One more day, and not much that I have to do today either. Then I can be home. And then Nekocon. :) I'm excited.

edit: I hate you, chem lab. I shouldn't have lost all 5 of those points. ;_j I divide a number by 2, AND THE WHOLE THING'S WRONG!

This is going to be the first class I've ever failed in my life! GRAH! I've gotten a D for a quarter before, but all three times that that's happened, I've pulled it up to a B by the end of the year. ;_j I hate you, chem lab!
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