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Just did my presentation; nerve-wracking. Got a lot of smirks when I mentioned the adult industry, so I went into a bit more detail on that. :P

*phew!* Glad that's over!

edit: We have a paper due on November 23 by 5 PM; persuasive essay. Pick a subject that makes us hot, makes us angry, and persuade the reader to follow our solution. [The engineering project 3 will probably be due around the same time; could check, but don't feel like it.]

I'm going to do either children and drugs or children and sex. Probably children and drugs, because that one will probably be easier to find a viable solution to - not a complete one, of course, but a better situation than we have now, perhaps. If anyone has any solutions, ideas, or comments, I'd love to hear them.

Or, I could do chivalry vs. equality, because that one's fun to argue, but it doesn't really make me angry - it's just fun to argue. So yeah, doing children and drugs. Comments, ideas, anything - please.

I need to go study for my calc test. *sigh* I'd really, really like to get at least a 70 - but I don't think it'll happen. But a 70 would be helpful - or, at least, less harmful.

"/die" But at least, after today, the rest of the week shouldn't be too horrible. (But the first half of the week of Thanksgiving should be killer!)
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