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It was a wonderful night, and a great weekend. Thank you to everyone that hung out with me; definitely made for a great weekend. And thank you, Pat, for working and being able to get out of the house, because I was worried I'd barely see you.

And thanks, Jamie, who can't read this anyway, for letting me come to the last bit of the party. :) Much fun; will have to crash again sometime. XP

I need to clean up the third floor before I go to bed tonight - didn't do that last weekend (forgot) and I feel really bad about that; I made the mess, my parents shouldn't be the ones who have to clean it up.

Also have to do the MBTI test before the night's over - I want to know my personality type (which may or may not be INFP, as the mini-test I took in tenth grade led me to believe; I've changed a lot since then). It's due by noon tomorrow, and I'm supposed to do it while in a relaxed and not school or work environment, and I definitely feel at home right now. Makes me happy. It was a good weekend.

Will stop rambling for now. :) Have a good week, everyone. Enjoy your Tuesday off!
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