Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

How is it...

...that I'm the only one that shows up with my work done and ready to put it all together? It turns out that, yes, my part was by far the easiest - but if I had one of the others, I would still have come with my work prepared! I'm sitting here, my part not only done but written up, while my partners do their research.

-shrug- One came poorly prepared, the other not at all.

Looks like I'll be stuck getting together with them on Monday night to finish this up to turn in for Tuesday. Blargh.

After this, have my lab quiz at 7, then going to ask one of the TAs there to help me with my homework, as I can't get it to work - gonna see if I can figure out what's going on so that I can rewrite the program tonight and submit it before the 9 AM deadline tomorrow.

I've got a Meyers-Brigg [sp?] test due Monday by noon (yaay...), and I'm going to have some STS reading for Monday, as well as a calc test Monday night. But things have slackened for a bit, which is good. It was a very stressful couple weeks.

Really, reeeeally looking forward to the next couple of weekends. Hopefully, things will go as well as I hope. :)

Again, anyone coming Saturday? Cuz if not.. well.. you suck. :P

Anyone? Tenshi? Ally? Brendan-who-doesn't-read-this?

edit: So, they're going to finish their research and write their parts over the weekend, and then we'll get together Monday night at 8:30 to put it all together and finish up the paper. There wasn't much point in me coming tonight, but at least I have this out of the way and don't have to worry about it until Monday. (And I'm really glad I grabbed the easy part! :D Though, that means that we'll probably get a lesser score because, of the group, I tend to do the highest quality work when writing, but I don't really care. :P I just don't want to have to do more work!)

moredit: The CS quiz started 15 minutes late because the quiz wasn't actually up, so the TAs had to get it up. Heh. I finished it in 15 minutes, then did my homework in 30. [It went quicker than the first few times since I know the program better now.] Turns out my problems were just keeping track of curly brackets and replacing curly brackets with semi-colons. All done with the homework for this week.

Oh yeah, and I forgot my wallet in the dorm when I left. I could have gone back, but if I did, I wouldn't have been able to eat, and people yell at me when I don't eat, so I decided to just hope I'd be able to get back into the dorm. (Which I did, as I'm typing this.)

And Afton's party moved to Monday.. so now I don't have nearly as much to do on Sunday (will figure something out), and I also have to miss it. :/
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