Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Cuz I love your little motions You do with your pigtails,

What a nice creation Worth another night in jail

"Damn, I'm really sad now. It just completely hit me that Mom had put so much effort into making me save money for college, and I've already spent most of it.. without putting any toward college.

...This makes me more sad than I can describe in words.

edit: My roomie gave me milk duds. I'm better now. :D"

And by the end of the year, all of it will be gone.

Working on finding cell phone information to find the best cheap deal to help a friend out with getting a cell phone. Completed my chem prelab (though it's a load of crap and I'll be lucky to get even a quarter of the points I can get from it); need to do my engineering stuff so that we can put it together tomorrow. But going to work on this stuff first, because I want to. I'd much rather do this than the engineering work. :P But I have to do it before 5:30 tomorrow, because we're getting together to put it all together.

Busy day planned for tomorrow.

Good plans for the weekend (though my Sunday plans may change, which makes me sad, because I'll be missing a party if they do :(), and definitely looking forward to heading out to Nekocon. Still need to find my armbands - someone make sure I do that this weekend! AHH!!


[22:15] JimBob4554: holy shit
[22:15] JimBob4554: i lucked out
[22:15] tenshi en grey: found 'em?
[22:16] JimBob4554: oh no, they're at home somewhere
[22:16] tenshi en grey: good deal
[22:16] JimBob4554: when we were splitting up the work yesterday, i claimed the first part - it looked like the easiest, but i wasnt sure, as i hadnt looked at the thing before. turns out, all i had to do was multiply 3 numbers together 3 times for my part
[22:16] JimBob4554: shit, i win!
[22:16] tenshi en grey: o-o
[22:16] JimBob4554: i think part 2 is about as easy
[22:17] JimBob4554: it seems this whole project is just the report
[22:17] JimBob4554: research not really necessary
[22:17] JimBob4554: thats awesome
[22:17] tenshi en grey: whee
[22:17] tenshi en grey: I don't know what's going on, but it sounds good ^^;;
[22:18] JimBob4554: lol
[22:18] JimBob4554: im not sure either
[22:18] JimBob4554: but i suddenly have a lot less work for the night :D
[22:18] tenshi en grey: ^_^ Always good!
[22:19] JimBob4554: of course, im going to end up being the one typing the report
[22:19] JimBob4554: but i dont mind that, because if i have 2 people there telling me what to type, i dont have to think so much
[22:19] JimBob4554: just type
[22:19] JimBob4554: :D
[22:19] JimBob4554: if we do it that way and dont split it up
[22:20] tenshi en grey: ^^ whee
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