Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I died so many years ago; You make me feel like it isn't so.

CS test was extremely easy. Think I got a hundred, but I may have screwed something up. 4 free points because the profs screwed something up, another 4 free points for knowing what section I'm in. xP

It was open book, but I didn't need the book. All this stuff is so easy. >_< I'm having trouble with the current homework, but I'm pretty sure once I go back and rework it the way I was supposed to originally, it'll work and be less confusing.

Made my presentation slideshow (just made a powerpoint with a few pictures to go along with what I'm going to be saying); "get to" present in a bit over an hour. Then I have to do my chem prelab and my ENGR research stuff, and I'll have my ENGR lab and my CS hw left to do.

[In other words, I didn't get much done yesterday. XP]

Have some fun plans for the weekend, but is anyone coming to movie night? ;_j
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