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... yeah.

See, I should be okay - in fact, I was doing relatively decently for about an hour; I walked around outside and alleved my stress and I had lots of happy thoughts because of a certain person that makes me happy, but then after about an hour of that I lost my good mood and I don't know why. Cuz by all rights I should have it, and I still have lots of reasons to be in a good mood, but I'm not. :/ Why is that?

So yeah. I'm going to try to make my presentation (that I have to present tomorrow.. since I skipped class yesterday so that I wouldn't have to present cuz I hadn't made my presentation :P) and stuff, and then I'll grab some food and sit outside and maybe work on my chem lab and hopefully talk to a couple people on the phone.

What do you people want to see on movie night? I'll probably play 3 or 4 movies; it's starting early, but people drop off and need sleep or something, so I'm looking at 3, but we'll see. I think one of them is going to be Van Helsing because Brendan wanted to see that, and there were other movies I wanted to play but I don't remember them, so yeah.

edit: @.@ Napoleon Dynomite is definitely not a movie I want to see. @.@

edit [6:48]: "first and last fire drill" Bah. >_< Oh, and we can be arrested if we stay in the building while the fire alarm is going off. Which makes sense, but still, thought I'd mention it.
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