Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Baby is this love for real? Let me in your arms to feel

Thanks, Amanda. :) [Come down and visit, durn you! XP]

Movie night this Saturday! You don't have to stay all night - in fact, it's pretty nice to have fun with people for a few hours and not have to worry about them in the morning. XP I'll prolly start it early so that people that have to leave can stick around for a couple movies at minimum. I'm thinking around 8; that cool with everyone? People can show and leave as they want, but if you show past 10, please have a cell phone and call me (502-5374) or let me know beforehand so I can wait for you.

Ally, tell Brendan, would you? As I may not have a chance to talk to him. (Or somebody tell Brendan; everyone knows him.)


[Which means that, no, I won't be at the Kecoughtan competition.. and I probably won't be at VBODA, so I'll need something to do on Saturday before the movie night. Hit me up if you wanna do anything!

Man, it was fun to go to the competition on Saturday. So much more fun than when I was actually in band. XP]

edit: Oh. And for some reason, I was waking up every like half an hour during the night. That was weird; I haven't done that for a while.

I think I got full cred on the calc quiz today.. but last time I said that, I didn't, so we'll see. :P I'm confident that I did well, though. [I really wish I had gone to the quiz last week. I can learn the material during the homework review without actually doing the homework.. but I can't if I'm not there! So the three topics covered then are three that I have no idea how to do for the test on Monday. >_<]
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