Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

(I want you to) Lock me in your heart and throw away the key

So the chem test wasn't utterly horrible; I guessed on one or two because I had absolutely no idea, and I'm sure that I got some others wrong.. but overall, probably B work. :) [edit: Got a 65. We'll see if that's B work or not.]

In CS, we keep getting points back because the instructions are unclear and because the TAs are retarded, so right now, I have full credit on everything. Well, actually, I have a 102/100 out of a possible 105/100 on the first exam, so I have a bit over 100, but yeah.

CS exam next Wed. Calc exam the Wed. following (I believe). I have a CS lab to finish today, plus a presentation to make, plus gotta look over and see what I need to do for ENGR.. plus I gotta do some stuff for the stuff I'm working on with Bobby. Blargh. But I get to go home tomorrow! :D

*shrug* Got a lot done the past couple days; still a lot top do.
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