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"Are you fucking kidding me?"

That about sums it up.

We now have a DDR Extreme machine in Newcomb Game Room. ....!!!!!!! Now I have something to do! Though not late at night, which is sad. They should put one in the dorm; that'd double my tuition right there. XP

It's 50¢ for 3 games. The pads leave a little to be desired, but who cares? It's DDR! On CAMPUS!!

So yeah.

Everyone's walking around in orange because of the game tonight. There's a group of people standing around trying to buy tickets - if they weren't likely out of tickets by now, I'd go down and claim my student tickets. If any of you want to go to a UVA game, tell me beforehand and I'll see if I can't get you tickets. :P

MAN oh man it's a good thing I decided to eat tonight. XP [Actually, I brought back food; haven't eaten it yet.]

Everyone's barbequing stuff. It's making me a little sick.
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