Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


If anyone knows of a play or something going on in Richmond this extended weekend, pleeeeeease tell me! I wants my extra credit. ;_j

[mood: slightly energetic] So yeah, we did our presentation for STS. :D Had to restart once I got to the third slide because Prof doesn't know how to tape things. :P Got a lot of laughs. It was fun. Tim said that I did a good job and was very enthusiastic, though the others.. not so much. XP (I agree, but I can't really pat myself on the back like that and be like "hay guys, you need to be more energetic.") We have it taped on a DV thingie, but yeah.. I don't have the means to turn that into a vid that I could put up, unfortunately. :( Wanna watch it and see where we were getting laughs, though.

At the end, we had a Questions, comments, and concerns period, and no one said anything, so we sat down, and then a guy started picking on our presentation, but Prof had our back.

Guy: ::question::
Prof: You had a chance for questions already.
Guy: ::comment::
Prof: Hey! You had a chance for comments too!

XD Thanks, Prof! :D

Now I gotta grab some food, study a bit, and I have my calc test at 7. Gotta do well on that thing - I want my A in calc, dammit. Not an A-; an A! Grr.


Looking at the comments we got from all our classmates, pretty much everyone agreed that I did better than the others. ^_~
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