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But everything he lacks, Well, he makes up in denial

The STS presentation + handout due tomorrow about a tool in our field isn't actually being assigned a grade.. so we had a little bit of fun. :D If you wanna check it out (and I suggest that you do, cuz it's funny XP), you can download everything here:

Presentation (Download the Powerpoint viewer here if you need it.)
Handout (Word document.)

Did my chem prelab (except for one calculation because I didn't have a periodic table on me) while hanging out with Bobby at the library, then helped him a little with stats.

I wanna see a shirt that says, instead of "Chaps: Ralph Lauren," "Chaps: Gay Porn."

edit: Oh, and since I'm sure you all care, I woke up ~8:10, went to take my quiz, then came back, woke up ~12:10, and went to my other class. :P

moredit: Oh, and I had to get a little video tape thingie for STS.. which ended up being 13.99+tax. >_< Of course, getting reimbursed from teammates (2/3) and the rest is covered by parents, but that still sucks.
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