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If my heart could beat, It would break in my chest, But I see you're unimpressed

I've had breakfast, three of the little cherry thingies that Grandma made, and ~six chips today. =/ That's it. I'm hungry, but kinda nauseous when I think about eating. [I'll definitely grab some food soon; I don't want to die.]


Tomorrow, I'm going to get a haircut (and shave), do my research with Dad's help, try to find a hotel with Mom's help... hrm... need to untax myself and to finish setting up my wisdom teeth removal (though I'm pretty sure that it needs to be business hours for that).. And yeah, that's about all I plan on doing during the day. During the evening, will hopefully hang out with Sparks and/or Pat.


Mom: Why are you such a good boy?
Me: You brought me up that way.
Mom: Yeah, but you're obnoxious sometimes.
Me: I picked that up from you on my own.

moredit: GRAAAAAH! UVA connection sucks. You're supposed to go to college and have an AMAZINGLY FASTER CONNECTION but I download stuff like 10x faster at home. =/ Doh. That's annoying.

JimBob4554: *sings* I'm a little teapot short and stout; here is my handle; here is my spout. Tip me over and I'll fucking cut you!
foam Y slush IE: I like the reboot version. i just remember him pointing to his mouth "here is my input" and then his butt "here is my out"
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