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Surely it's okay to use my heart and not my eyes to navigate the darkness

Only caught the last 10 minutes of the presidential debate, but.. Kerry sounded a lot like Bush, from the closing remarks. And Bush said that the army will be all volunteer, which was nice to add. [It was also funny how he said, "Thank you, Senator." :D]

I finally found the Castle and got myself a burger, drink, and some fries. The fries - not so hot. The burger's good, though. But a bit of a waste of money; they're expensive. And I forgot I still had food in the fridge from lunch/dinner. XP Oh well.

It's been a decently good day thus far. :) Gonna be up for a while longer anyway, so I might try to get even more ahead on my engineering labs. (I don't have to do one next week or the week after; did next week's, and there isn't one the week after because of the reading holidays.) :)

My roommate: "Dude, be Hamboner."
Other guy: "You're obsessed with cocks. You're a big dick upstairs!"

Sudden memories of Snack's house and watching Jeff and Snack play Halo last summer. My roommate and a couple other guys are playing Halo right behind me (against another team in another room).
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