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So all you little ladies, Be sure to choose the right guys

The CS quiz was exceptionally easy. I took the time afterward to consult with the TAs and get my point back on that first homework. Which reminds me, I need to email Will so that he'll actually add it.

Waiting for working with my STS group. -shrug- -le sigh-

Things are blah. Which means they're about tops. Eager for the weekend and thought of something to do, but not sure how good the weekend will be. I gotta be better at things than I am.

edit: I like the keyboards in the library SO MUCH MORE than those in the stacks! Anyway, the weekend looks like it's shaping up. :) Things are better; I'm feeling better. Things will be better if they're not, too. >( Grr.

Oh, but my group didn't show up for the STS stuff, so we'll have to do it.. I don't know when. Maybe by email or something, cuz really.. yeah.

Oh and - funny thing - Lots of people ride bikes here, but very few of them wear helmets. I saw someone wearing a helmet today and it kinda struck me that I think that's the first person I've seen wearing one while I've been here.
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