Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

'Cause it's people who believe in things that are always taking lives

We had a reading quiz in STS (which was announced on Monday, but I wasn't there :P). I was considering doing the reading, but I didn't end up doing it. Oh well. :P I got at least partial credit for that, since I knew a little bit of the stuff already. :P

Didn't have my interview transcribed, but he accepted my dinky part-of-an-email thank you to Prof. Bloomfield as the thank you letter, so that was nice. :) :P

I don't like the environment in Engineering or STS - too.. I dunno. I just don't like it. That's what I've come to conclude. The environment in Chem isn't bad - auditorium/stadium seating with lots of people and Elizabeth to talk to. I like Java and Calc is easy, so that's that. :P

Stay tuned here for more updates! :DP

I impressed my STS teacher with my mad typing skillz0rz. Oh yeah!

So yeah.. apparently, Girls Gone Wild has made it to the campus of UVa, if the people handing out Girls Gone Wild hats are any indication. -.@ *stabbity* *twitch; twitch*

When we were talking about the Challenger, Prof. Shin was like, "Remember, this was before the internet was really popular. -quietly- God, I feel so freaking old!"

Student: Are we going to be grading our own technical pieces?
Prof: Unfortunately, I have to grade them.
Me, under my breathe: Yeah, that is unfortunate...

Argh. So yeah. Gotta do my chem prelab today, at the minimum. Doing something else would probably be good too. My STS report was modified to be about a specific aspect of my field, and brought down to 5-10 pages instead of 10-20, and we have to do a 5 minute presentation. =/ I don't want to do a 5 minute presentation. =/ [The other report will still be the final product for the semester.. so yeah.]

So yeah, waiting for Sparks to get on so I can try to help her with related rate problems, then gonna try to bum over to Myles' and play some DDR. Viva la revolucion! [+appropriate spanishy stuff]
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