Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Hate me

Not going to the ENGR extra credit tomorrow so that I can do my quiz for Java and not have to come back mid-Sunday.

Stuff to do. Chem Lab prep, at least, is due tomorrow.

edit: ...

Wtf? I just got an email saying I missed lab last week. It's supposed to be every two weeks, and the 16th was my first one.. meaning that my next lab should be tomorrow. Wtf?

moredit: Okay.. apparently, I'm just retarded and labs are split in half. -shrug- Whatever. I'll make it up, or not. :P Not that big of a deal.

It makes me sad that my Calc teacher is retarded and has to rely on the crutch of u and du. *sniffle* And since when is (secx)^3 * (secxtanxdx) not ready to be integrated? You SO do not need to turn that into u and du. That's just retarded!

Oh cool, my other Calc tests are on Mondays and Wednesdays, not on Fridays. So I won't have to stay later on Fridays for Calc tests. :)

Dad found me a part very similar to the part I need to be doing research on for Engineering; I'll likely end up using that and hope my partner's okay with it. Cuz I can't find what I'm actually supposed to be doing. =/ (Thanks, Dad! :))

ed..: DAMMIT! My soup exploded again! >_
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