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Listened to my messages on the way back - I had only listened to one last night. -sigh- I could wish I had a more flexible life.

Rain sucks. I like it in some circumstances, but walking to class isn't one of them. An umbrella doesn't protect all of you, and wet socks and water dripping down my back aren't very fun. Nor is having all the stuff in my backpack be wet. =/

Yesterday's calc was partial fraction decomposition, so I didn't miss anything; yet another topic I already knew.

edit: Why is information on a simple little lamp holder thingie so hard to find, even when I have all the numbers I need written down? Dammit. -sighs-

I swear, this class is so amazingly worthless.

moredit: ... reading over this post, I didn't say anything good, just complained. *adds mood to post, though not sure whether to add pessimistic or cynical*
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