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Sometimes I think I glimpse eternity

"Even though Donald Trump is a schmuck and cheated on his wife and his wife cheated on him, I still admire him. Know why? Because when someone fucks him over, he writes them off. Good-bye."

It was good to talk to Myles, but then a friend of mine needed me to come hang out with him to cheer him up - something about his girlfriend and not being his girlfriend anymore - and so I went. On the way, I called Pat to tell a story to Autumn - which, by the by, happened to be one of the crappiest stories I ever told; don't know if you were listening, Pat, but it was really bad [did she like it?] - and I wanted to talk to Pat, both to try to cheer her up (which wouldn't have worked anyway - I'm no good at that) and because I like hearing her voice - but I had promised Bobby that I'd be there and the story ran me a deal over when I should have been. We played some pool - I'm either getting better or I was really lucky - and then walked down to the Corner. I had a bit of watermelon. :)

I'm back at Bobby's waiting for the driver for his printer to download so's I can try to get it working.
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