Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

I don't remember most of the stuff I wanted to say, but..

So yeah, at Krispy Kreme, I asked for a hat, and the guy offered me his (real baseball-cap type of) hat. :D That was fun.

I lost $4 playing poker. But it was fun. :P And I hit myself on a door knob while trying to sit up. =/

I noticed that my left arm has swollen up a LOT more.. it's now very noticeable where the swelling begins. Sparks suggested putting ice on it, but I'm not that smart. >.>;;

"I'm allergic to fire. But only when it comes IN CONTACT WITH MY FUCKING SKIN!"

Sparks is sitting here freezing her ass off. It's kinda scary. She's shaking. =(

I definitely forgot a whole buncha important stuff. =/ And dude, I've gotten like nothing on my lists of stuff to do done in the past couple weeks. =/ I'ma be soo screwed in like, everything. I fail at life. ;_j

*goes to get donut*
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