Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

9th grade ass-kicking - feudalism style, baby!

JimBob4554: So right, we were in 9th grade world history to 1000 - Jeff, Cary, and I were all in that class.
JimBob4554: Among other people. XP
JimBob4554: We were going over Feudalism, so for a week, we did this roleplaying game thing - she went around and passed out little slips of paper that told people what they were going to be (serf, knight, blacksmith, king, bishop, etc.).
JimBob4554: She got to the end, where I was (she started at the other side) and Jenny and I both got serfs.. but she hadn't assigned the king or bishop, so she made Jenny the bishop and me the King, and was like, "Shh!"
JimBob4554: So I was the king, which was sweet.
JimBob4554: Now, we could buy weapons to build up our offense, and castles/shields/etc. to build up our defense.
JimBob4554: And the Knights could challenge the king for power, and the serfs could challenge anyone for their position, etc.
JimBob4554: I started with 100 Hit Points (HP), the knights with 80, and so on down.
JimBob4554: Well, I bought up a ton of daggers to add to my personal offense - so I had ~82000 offense by the end of the week. (We made a certain amount of money a day that we could spend and whatnot.)
JimBob4554: We could also ally, and Jeff (who I gave a lot of business to) got up to like 40some thousand offense.
JimBob4554: I had dinkier defense - like 2000 some.
JimBob4554: But yeah, on the last day, Chung (a knight) and some of his peeps challenged me.
JimBob4554: They thought they were all cool, building up to like 10 or 20 thousand offense and being like, "Yeah, what now?"
JimBob4554: Then the teacher turns to me and asks, "What's your personal offense?"
JimBob4554: OR rather, what's you and your ally's offenses?
JimBob4554: I'm like, "Well, my personal offense is 82,###, and Jeff's offense is 4#,###, and Cary's.." She's like, "That's enough." And Chung and all his people on the other side of the room just gaped. It was an amazing feeling.
JimBob4554: :D
JimBob4554: They were justl ike, "How the ....?????? :O!!!"
JimBob4554: We beat the crap out of them. XP
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