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Ow, my achy, achy hands.

Someone remind me to bring gloves back with me Monday. XP Found a better use for weight-training gloves than Guard. XP

So yeah, had my first session with Bobby. Not too bad, but also not a full-blown session, I think. We're gonna go for ~1:15 or so every Tuesday and Thursday. Might do more days later, but for now, two a week's not too bad.

Gotta watch my protein intake from now on and make sure I get enough every day. -shrug- Shouldn't be too bad, I don't think.

So yeah. :D I think I'm gonna start jogging back from Bobby's (since we walk back to around there from the gym) when we work out - that way, I can start building that too. Though I guess I should ask him if that's okay first to make sure I don't screw myself up or anything.

So yeah, my left arm is definitely weaker than my right. XP Knew that all along, but definitely in evidence tonight.

"I want to go snuggle with my girlfriend tonight, but I can't."

edit: Oh, and I'm supposed to have protein right after working out, but on the flip side of that coin, since we're working out at night before going to bed, I shouldn't eat anything if I don't want to develop heartburn (or continue developing it). =/ Oh well.

edit: Oh, also remind me to find the recipe for human baby that I have in my room somewhere so that I can show it to Pat.
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