Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

You are the one I see, breaking down in the path, the tears streaming down your face and blocking out the visions all around you. They hide the steps that lead on and leave you broken where you stand, alone because you cannot see those that love and surround you. And even then, they take comfort from your presence, because they know that you'll walk the path anyway, and that you'll be there with them until the end. No matter how much you hide yourself behind the lies that you believe, you shine through; you cannot change that. There will never be a time when you are not loved for who and what you are; you are the solace in the dark, the love in the pain, the laughter in the tears. You are everything we wish to be and want you to be. You are our envy and our friend. You push us to the heights that you resist yourself. You bring us hope even in your fears. You are more than you think you are, more than we could even hope for from a friend. You are our shining light.
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