Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Things to do today:

My dots are gone too. ;_j I got used to clicking on the dots when I wanted to update!

  • Engineering lab [Turning it in without finishing the last problem, which is worth 20 points. I got a 96 on the first lab; haven't gotten the second back. All the labs together count for 30% of my Engineering class grade; I don't care about having it perfect. :P]
  • Engineering project (8-14)
  • Transcribe interview
  • Do more research
  • Ask Pat to bring movies to school tomorrow so's I can grab them after

    Stroke 9 was here on Sept. 17; I missed 'em. :( [BTW, Pat - the song I was talking about earlier was Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack.)

    "Great minds have purposes, others have wishes." - Washington Irving

    "You can see a lot by observing." Yogi Berra

    "Each day must change your thinking." - ? on his 85th birthday

    Apparently, sometime in the next 10 years, more than 1/3 of all Americans will have worked at a McDonalds.

    Prof: "Ahh, a large fraction!"
    My head: "

    Chem quiz stuff: The average on the quiz was a 68.9, the standard deviation was 16.4. I got an 80, which is 66.2 percentile.

    Lots of candy + lots of water = uncomfortableness in the stomach. Uncomfortableness in the stomach + walking = not fun.
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