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Career days.

Interviewed Professor Bloomfield; that's probably going to be the only interesting part of the whole research process. =/

Went to the Engineering Career Days for ~45 minutes (though STS wanted us there for at least an hour; oops! oh well). That was actually very interesting, and I found a lot of internship opportunities, though not as many in Richmond as I might have liked. Also got some cool stuff, like a deck of Bank of America cards that I doubt Sparks has. ^^

Going to Engineering soon, then going to work on the engineering project with Mike. After that, will have to do my engineering lab for this week, turn it in, and I'm pretty much done, unless I feel like doing research for my paper or transcribing the interview (which I'll probably do, though it'll be weird XP).

Will probably be hungry, but I have a little box of cereal on me, and I'll grab a couple mints downstairs on my way out. I could theoretically walk over and get some food and bring it back in time for Engineering, but I don't feel like doing that. I can eat later. :P

God, that meal plan is such a waste of money, since I don't - you know - eat. >_< Damned required meal plans! Stupid first-year crap.

It's annoying to find the mood menu now that it doesn't have the "None or other" option selected automatically. I hate this new format.

edit: Oh yeah, it's Thursday. Unlike yesterday, which wasn't Thursday. lol
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