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What.. the.. fuck.

So the update page changed without any notice. o__o Nothing on news or new features or anything!

Anyway, career days are apparently not as late as I thought they were. I'll get up early (like, before 11) tomorrow morning and go.

I got my grade back for my first CS homework - 98/100. Now, I can see why I lost one of the points, but I don't think I should have lost the other, so I'm going to go talk to the TA tonight. (Yes, I'm actually going to go waste time on getting one point back that probably equals less than 1/100 of a percent of my final grade. It's the principle of the matter, though!)

Comments on Java (and other languages that do the same): Starting at 0 is retarded. 0 is not a counting number. >_< Ending at n-1 is also retarded. However, it is clever, when one first hears of it, that C books start at chapter 0.

"He knows he has me strung over a barrel." <-- Referencing Lucas and the new Star Wars release.

Prof: "So you got it at the bookstore?"
Student: "Yes."
Prof: "Shit. ...I can't believe they fucked that up."

Hay Tenshi - I saw a little girl playing with a Hello Kitty toy. It hula-hooped. :D

Grunt. Can't go to a field and hit enter to post anymore. Have to actually hit the button. >_< That's annoying.
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