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Off to fail my chem test. *sigh*

After classes today, have to go to Engineering fair, and have to make questions for Prof. Bloomfield.

Ya know what annoys me? When people sneeze and others don't say anything. ;_j

edit: Well, the test ended up being a lot easier than I thought it'd be. :) [And a lot of the stuff that we "had to know" wasn't on the test, which was nice, cuz I.. ya know.. didn't know it. >.>] Checked my answers with Elizabeth after; about 1/4 of our answers differed. Which isn't really too bad; I think I did fairly well. Definitely got my B, if not an A. (Though, that's not entirely accurate, because definite grades don't actually exist until the end of the semester.)

Calc was exceptionally easy today. All we did was parts - I already knew everything. It's nice not to have to write anything down. :) Though, didn't really need to come either. =/ [Thanks for the help earlier with parts, Sparks. :)]

Doing integral of (x^3)(e^x^2):
Prof: "What would we choose for u [for parts]?"
Me: "x^2"
"Good insight."

Thank you, Kreisa. :D

It's kinda funny.. remember how we had to memorize that the integral of cot is ln|sinx| + c and all? It's really easier to just split it up and do it that way - cot = cos/sin, which is just a log problem.

Tuesday's quiz should be easy - all we have is L'Hopital, parts, and Friday's topic (which is trig sub and trig something else).

It's fkn bright! And warm.

:) I feel a lot better now that chem is out of the way, as well as my ENGR project (though we got another one, but I'm not worried - that other one isn't threatening to keep me here at all this weekend :D). All I have to worry about right now is STS. I'm happy. :)
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