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"An enquiry into Firestone tire liability cases"

We've written 7 pages in the past 2 and a quater hours, and we're working on fluffing out the recommdations at the end to hit at least 9 pages. >.>

edit: Well, it took a bit under 3 hours to write almost 9 1/2 pages. Plus the about half an hour of research this morning, and the maybe half an hour of finishing up (stuff that he didn't have quite prepared tonight) and cleaning up, that was about 4 hours for a 10 page paper, including research. That's not too shabby. (And no, we haven't actually gone back and read it. I'm sure it's fine. :D XP)

...I hate getting disconnected from Trillian. ;_j

I have my chem test tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm completely screwed.
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